ALF Core Training

Updated To 2021 Regulations

This course is an online 26 hour ALF Core Training course. ALF Administrators and managers are licensed by the Department of Elder Affairs for the State of Florida Department. To become an Assisted Living Facility Administrator or Manager you must complete this required 26 hour ALF CORE Training course and successfully pass the state CORE Competency Exam according to Chapter 59a-36, Florida Administrative Code. The exam is administered by the University of South Florida (USF) and is 100 questions long which requires a passing grade of at least 75%.

This Online Training is offered by Shery Stockstill and Kalei Stockstill who approved by the Department of Elder Affairs to teach the Core Training course required by this rule. Together, for 10 years, they operated a 32-bed family-owned facility in Brevard County called ALF at Ocean Breeze Gardens. In February 2019, my parents decided to retire from the business. Sheryl and Kalei decided to build the training business which has grown to be one of the largest training providers for Florida ALF’s and Adult Family Care Homes. My ALF Training has over 300 facility accounts in Florida, has trained over 30,000 employees, and helped countless others open and grow their facilities. As a small facility operator, Sheryl and Kalei handled every aspect of operations including Human Resources, Administrative, & Marketing.

ALF Core Training and ALF Business Training, we offer 2 options

Option 1: $225

Online ALF Core Training
& Exam Prep Live

Option 2: $500

Online ALF Core Training
Exam Prep Live
Online Business Training
Online Marketing Training

Option 1 Details: Online ALF Core Training $225

This Basic Online Core Package includes the required 26 Core Training and the ALF Core Exam Prep Course.  This course is available for up to 12 months and you can get started immediately. The online format allows you to work at your own pace from anywhere and almost any device. Most students take a few weeks to complete the training and then register for the state exam. Next, they use the course and the ALF Core Exam prep quizzes and live exam prep class to help prepare for the ALF Core Competency exam.

  • Online ALF Core Training (26 Hours)
  • Online ALF Core Exam Prep (Over 600 Practice Questions)
  • ALF Core Exam Prep Video (3 Hours)

Sample Lesson: 

Resident Care Standards

Option 2 Details: Online ALF Core Training + Virtual Consulting $500

Click for a free preview Step 1: Is this Business Right for You? (40 Minutes)

The ALF Core + Virtual Consulting is an additional $275 for a total of $500.  Many people are planning on opening a facility of their own.  If you are, this package is for you.  The course includes:

  • Online ALF Core Training (26 Hours)
  • Online ALF Core Exam Prep (Over 600 Practice Questions)
  • ALF Core Exam Prep Video (3 Hours)
  • 10 Steps to Open an Assisted Living Facility (13 Hours)
  • Assisted Living Marketing Blueprint (9 Hours)
  • Virtual Consulting (10 Hours)
  • ALF Marketing Tutorial (3 Hours)
  • Facility Forms Package- Every form we use in our facility including contracts, checklists, employee forms, and much more.

This package includes both ALF Core Training, Exam Prep + Live Webinar, 10 Steps to Open an Assisted Living Facility, ALF Forms Package, and the ALF Marketing Blueprint for an amazingly low price of $500. This is the same price most Assisted Living Core trainers offer basic Core 26-hour course.  

Our package is over 50 hours of ALF Core Training AND Consulting.  We teach you everything we know about starting, operating, and growing a successful assisted living business in Florida. This package includes our Forms Package which offers every form that we use in our facility including contracts and much more. 

Topics Include:

✤ Step 1: Is this right for you? 40 Minutes

✤ Step 2: Startup Costs and Funding the Business ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes)

✤ Step 3: Education and Research (1 Hour 6 Minutes)

✤ Step 4: Start the Business (1 Hour 42 Minutes)

✤ Step 5: Finding the Property (1 Hour 20 Minutes)

✤ Step 6: Taking Possession (28 Minutes)

✤ Step 7: Preparing to open (50 Minutes)

✤ Step 8: Employees and Staffing (1 Hour 10 Minutes)

✤ Step 9: Marketing and Advertising (1 Hour 14 Minutes)

✤ Step 10: Open for Business (1 Hour 36 Minutes)

ALF Marketing Blueprint (9 Hours)

✤ Module 1: How Do You Get Your Residents (1 Hour 4 Minutes)

✤ Module 2: Advertising and Marketing Foundations for Success (1 Hour 10 Minutes)

✤ Module 3: Traditional Legacy Media and Events (1 Hour 11 Minutes)

✤ Module 4: Digital Marketing for Assisted Living (3 Hours 18 Minutes)

✤ Module 5: Digital Advertising for Assisted Living (1 Hour 52 Minutes)

✤ Module 6: Networking and Referral Marketing (1 Hour)

✤ Module 7: A Plan for Success (15 Minutes)