A complaint investigation was conducted in conjunction with a focused
control survey at (NAME REDACTED) The facility had deficiencies at the time of the survey.

59A-36.014(3) FAC Physical Plant – Safe Living Environ/Other 

(3) OTHER REQUIREMENTS. (a) All facilities must: 1. Provide a safe living environment pursuant to Section 429.28(1)(a), F.S.; 2. Be maintained free of hazards; and, 3. Ensure that all existing architectural, mechanical, electrical and structural systems, and appurtenances are maintained in good working order. (b) Pursuant to section 429.27, F.S., residents must be given the option of using their own belongings as space permits. When the facility supplies the furnishings, each resident bedroom or sleeping area must have at least the following furnishings: 1. A clean, comfortable bed with a mattress no less than 36 inches wide and 72 inches long, with the top surface of the mattress at a comfortable to ensure easy access by the resident, 2. A closet or wardrobe space for hanging clothes, 3. A dresser, or other furniture designed for storage of clothing or personal effects, 4. A table or nightstand, bedside lamp or floor tamp, and waste basket; and, 5. A comfortable chair, if requested. (c) The facility must maintain master or duplicate keys to resident bedrooms to be used in the event of an emergency. (d) Residents who use portable bedside commodes must be provided with privacy during use. (e) Facilities must make available linens and personal laundry services for residents who require such services. Linens provided by a facility must be free of tears, stains and must not be

This Statute or Rule is not met as evidenced by: Based on observations and interviews with staff, the facility failed to provide a safe and sanitary living environment that was free from odor and pests. This had the potential to negatively impact all 9 residents residing in the facility at the time of survey

The findings include: 

A tour of facility commenced at 12:00 pm on ……………

An overwhelming smell of and animals was pervasive throughout the facility and remained consistent for the duration of the survey. Multiple cats were observed roaming freely indoors. There were dozens of birds of all sizes in large cages throughout. The carpeting was heavily soiled and stained in the hallways and common areas of the home, Photographic evidence was obtained. 

In an interview with the Business Office Manager (BOM) at 12:10 pm on She explained the carpets were scheduled to be cleaned tomorrowEmployee B. Caregiver, was interviewed at 12:40 pm on …… She confirmed the soiled and stained condition of the carpeting. She said the carpet cleaners came twice a month but the stains came right up. Employee B speculated that the stains and odors were probably from the animals and embedded in the carpet’s padding During an interview with the Administrator at 3:40 pm on ….., tiny bugs resembling fleas began jumping on and off of both of this writer’s ankles when in a room previously occupied by a resident. While bending to wipe the jumping pests away, 6 were observed on one ankle at the same time. While quickly departing the room, the jumping pests continued to be detected on both ankles. The Administrator explained there used to be animals living in this room. She confirmed the presence of fleas, stating another resident had complained of fleas in his room two days ago. When asked how many cats the facility had, she estimated 20 in total.

Class III

A 193 59AER20-4 Mandatory Testing for Assisted Living 


(1) APPLICABILITY. The requirements of this emergency rule apply to al assisted living facilities licensed under Chapter 429, F.S. (2) DEFINITIONS, “Staff” means all paid and unpaid persons serving In healthcare settings who have the potential for direct or indirect exposure to patients or materials, including body substances (e.g., …., tissue, and specific ……. ….); contaminated medical supplies, devices, and equipment; contaminated environmental surfaces, or contaminated air. Staff may include, but are not limited to, nurses, nursing assistants, physicians, technicians, …..  pharmacists, students and trainees, contractual staff not employed by the health care facility, and persons (e.g., clerical, dietary, environmental services, laundry, security, maintenance, engineering and facilities management, administrative, billing, and volunteer personnel) not directly involved in patient care but potentially exposed to agents that can be transmitted among from staff and patients. This definition is consistent with the Centers for Control and Prevention definition of Healthcare personnel as defined in Appendix 2. (3) MANDATORY STAFF TESTING FOR COVID-19. (a) Beginning ..,,.., assisted living facilities shall not admit into the facility any staff who has not been tested for COVID-19. (b) Assisted living facilities shall require all staff be tested every two (2) weeks thereafter with testing resources provided by the state. (4) EXEMPTION FROM TESTING. Staff who have already been and recovered from COVID-19 do not need to be tested if they can provide medical documentation to the assisted living facility. (5) DOCUMENTATION. (a) If testing is conducted off-site, then staff must provide proof of testing to the assisted living facility. (b) Assisted living facilities shall document all staff testing, including the name of the individual, time, and date of the test. (C) Assisted living facilities shall require all tested staff to notify the facility of the test results the same day the results are received. Written  documentation of test results must be provided to the facility upon receipt by the staff. (d) Assisted living facilities shall keep copies of all staff testing documentation on site. (6) REVOCATION OF LICENSE, FINES OR SANCTIONS. For a violation of any part of this rule, the Agency may seek any remedy authorized by Chapter 429, Part l, or Chapter 408, Part II, F.S., including but not limited to, license revocation, license suspension, and the Imposition of administrative fines.

This Statute or Rule is not met as evidenced by: Based on a review of facility records and Interview with staff, the facility failed to obtain COVID-19 test results in accordance with Chapter 429, F.S. for 4 of 4 visitors who entered the facility after . This had the potential to negatively impact all 9 residents residing in the facility at the time of survey

The findings include: 

In an interview with the Business Office Manager (BOM) at 12:10 pm, she explained that a service vendor would be coming to the facility “tomorrow” to clean the carpets. She was asked if she had requested negative COVID-19 test results to be provided prior to their entry. The BOM stated she was unaware of that requirement. 

A review of the facility’s visitor tog revealed that since there had been 4 visiting staff in the facility. The log confirmed screening had been performed, but there was no indication that each of the visitors provided proof of negative 

COVID-19 testing. Photographic evidence was obtained. 

A second interview was conducted with the BOM at 3:00 pm on ……. She identified the four visitors on the log as the physician, the Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, his assistant, and an air conditioning repairman. She again confirmed the facility failed to obtain COVID-19 test results prior to permitting entry. The requirement was reviewed with her, and she acknowledged the requirements. 

Class 111