Course Package Tutorial

We are excited to offer a new way to enroll your employees into a predefined bundle of cousres. Course Package Enrollment allows your company to create packages of cousres and quicly assign them to your employees. This can be done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create Package Group
  2. Add courses to the group
  3. Enroll employee into the package

Below you will find screenshots to demonstrate the process:


Step 1: Create a package

Click on Package Groups from the Sidebar Navigation Menu. Next, add or edit a group.

Step 2: Add Courses to Package

Click on Manage Courses in the Course Packages section of the Navigation Menu. Next, using the drop down menu, select the package to manage. Once you package group is selected, use the search bar in the “Un-assigned courses” tab and select courses to add to the package group.

Step 3: Enroll employees into packages

Click on Package Enrollment on the Manage Courses or Course Packages sections of the Main Navigation Menu. In the dropdown box, select the employee package group name. This will then select all the predefined courses assinged to the package. Next, select the employees name and then click “Enroll”. 

That’s it! All the courses associated with that package are assigned to your employee.

Additonal Package Enrollment Option

Once your packages are set up, it’s even easier to assign course packages to employees when you create or edit an employee profile. Simply assing the cousre package using the dropdown menu within the edit profil section.